Jennifer Weems Photography

In 2005 I decided that photography was not only a passion, but a way of life.  I feel like I’ve always looked at life through a lens.  It’s the best way to freeze a moment in time for all of eternity.  As I look at my own personal favorite photos, I realize the ones I treasure the most are the ones that probably did not seem earth shattering at the time taken.  I love to look back at the way my dad smiled as he watched me do something really stupid, or the expression I had when I was sitting under the Christmas tree waiting for everyone to assemble.  I take all of that and try to imagine what my clients will want to see years from now.  Not only are the obvious “kodak moments” important, but the tears that mom had when she watched dad give his daughter away.
My goal as a photographer is to show you everything you might have missed on your wedding day.  It’s so hard, as a bride or groom, to really take in everything and everyone on your wedding day.  It’s my job to remind you of the sweet moments your friends and family were having while you were getting married.  Weddings are such a wonderful time to share with everyone you love.  Let me be the fly on the wall, catching everything you don’t have time to notice.

On a personal note, I’ll save you from any cliche favorite mentions or long walks to the whatever quotes and let you know just a little about myself.  I married my high school sweetheart in the early 90’s and later had a couple of kids, who are now teenagers.  I post way too many photos of my dogs on my Facebook page and prefer a Sonic happy hour to almost anything.  Cheers!

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